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Yusaika Organic Drip Chicken Essence

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Compare with eating the whole chicken daily or making essence at home, consuming Yusaika Organic Drip Chicken Essence can effectively intake nutrition of chickens. It saves time on long hour stewing and completely removes fat and cholesterol.Meanwhile, preserve the flavour and nutrition of chicken essence.

Yusaika Original Drip Chicken Essence has the highest protein content, 8.7 grams of protein per 100g.Each pouch of Original Chicken Essence contains 20 types of hydrolyzed amino acids, including 9 essential amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize.

An excellent for energy replehishment. It is proven by laboratory that Yusaika Original drip chicken Essence  is rich in Amino Acids and branched chain amino acids (BCCA) which provide energy to body, reduce fatigue.

No antibiotic, hormone, artificial,. colouring and sesoning added. No preservative.


Menstrual conditioning - To improve blood circulation

Preparing for pregnancy  - getting pregnancy more easily

Prenatal Conditioning - nourish baby and ease to deliver

Postpartum care - Rejuvenating and enhance breastmilk supply

Working adult - energy improvement

Elderly people/after surgery/ after illness - improve nutrition deficiencies and speed up recovery process

Children -promote brain and physical development

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