形状认知系列|Learn the Shape Quiet Book (4 Themes)
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  • Themes:  Learn the Shapes 1, Learn the Shapes 2, Learn the Shapes 3, Learn the Shapes 4 
  • Size: 210mm * 265mm
  • Number of pages: 8 pages/book

【What is Quiet Book】

The Quiet Book, also known as Interactive Book, is a magical interactive book that keeps your baby quiet in an instant. It originated overseas, is currently a very popular Montessori early education enlightenment tool. It has the magic of allowing the babies to play quietly for a long time. It has become very popular in mothers' group, and more and more moms are aware of the benefits of babies playing quiet books. The Quiet Book allows babies to learn while playing, and can explore a variety of free play methods according to different age groups.

Product name: Vehicle theme



  • Language: English, Chinese
  • Material: High quality tick high-gloss cardboard
  • Suitable age: 1-4 Years Old


  • 使用高密度加厚卡纸,更耐玩;
  • 整书A4大小,答案卡片加大设计,宝宝小手更易抓握;
  • 耐折、耐玩、耐用、不易撕;
  •  加厚铁线环形工艺装订,不散页;
  • 色彩还原度极高,有效吸引宝宝注意力


  • 主题:形状1、形状2、形状3、形状4
  • 尺寸:210mm * 265mm
  • 页数:8页/本
  • 语言:中英双语
  • 材质:高品质加厚高光卡纸
  • 适合年龄:1-4岁