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MommyJ Organic 3 Grains Rice Cereal 9months (Rich In Iron & Vit B) 高铁含维他命B米糊

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MommyJ Organic 3 Grains Rice Cereal (9+ months old)⁠ made from:
- Organic Japonica Rice⁠
- Organic Mixed Quinoa⁠
- Organic Hulled Mille⁠t   

Intakes of nutrients during infant’s early life is important as it influence health development. MommyJ's Iron-fortified infant rice cereal is a good first foods because it contain iron and vitamin B1 to meet infants’ developmental needs.It is easily digestible and least likely to cause an allergic reaction.

WHY you need to choose MommyJ Rice Cereal:
- 1st feed for baby who start solid food
- Iron fortified
- With Vitamin B1
- Organic & HACCP Certificate (Safe to consume)
- Gluten free
- Dairy free
- No sugar added
- No colouring added
- No presevatives
- Individual sachet (8 x 20g small sachets)

Easy to prepare:
1.Empty one 20g pack of cereal into a clean bowl
2.Add 130ml of warm boiled water or milk
3.Stir until the cereal is smooth and feed with a clean spoon
Add MommyJ Food Powder or Naturmi snowflakes powder for more flavour & nutrients



MommyJ 宝宝有机纯迷糊正是宝宝初添辅食的最佳首选之一,主要因素是 :⁠
 - 铁强化
 - 维他命B
 - 有机材料和HACCP认证 (品质保证,安全食品)⁠
 - 不含麸质 ⁠(无敏感食材)⁠
 - 无乳制品 (无敏感食材)⁠
 - 无添加糖⁠
 - 无添加盐⁠
 - 无添加色素⁠
 - 无添加防腐剂⁠
 - 超方便独立包装 (8 x 20克小包装)⁠
 - 只需一分钟搞定⁠
 - 超细腻滑的宝宝有机纯米糊



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